Olio Cerdonio

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Olio Cerdonio, the Garda Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil, our passion since 1974


Why Olio Cerdonio…

Since 1974 the Cerdonio Family has been producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This is obtained solely from olives grown and harvested in its own olive grove in Lazise, on Lake Garda. The olive harvest is still strictly "by hand", according to the past tradition. We pay a lot of attention to the milling of the olives which is made with the stone mill. The oil is exclusively cold extracted in order to guarantee quality, authenticity and flavour. The amount of oil produced by our 293 plants clearly depends on the weather and the years. This year about 28 quintals have been produced with a yield of 12%.

Oil pairings: raw on fish and meat, salads and bruschetta.


The history of Olio Cerdonio

At the beginning of the 1970s the Cerdonio family moved to Lazise thanks to the intuition of the head of the family, who caught a glimpse of Lake Garda through a wonderful olive grove. In the first years the care and harvest of the olives was only family-based: the oil produced was just for the family and for a few close friends. Over the years the "passion" has increased, along with the commitment and love with which we have always treated and produced our oil. The Cerdonio Extra Virgin Olive Oil is mainly obtained from “Casaliva” variety olives. This oil has a good fluidity, a fruity and sweet taste with some notes of almond and wild herbs.


I am lucky to live with my dear family, with my beloved spouse and with my son in a house from which I feel and observe the transition of time and seasons. In the morning there is frost on the lawn, sometimes even a sprinkling of snow, it is very sunny in summer and ahead the magnificence of the lake.

Lucio Cerdonio
taken from the book “Matricola 393719




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